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EMDR Client Comments
  • "This is gonna sound really weird, but I feel like my brain isn't crooked anymore!" - age 11
  • "No words for how much better I feel about everything in life."
              - age 53
    • "A brain work out, like a Roto-Rooter". "How I see myself now: Lightness as a state of being"; "Authentic."  - age 31
    • "EMDR sounding unusal at first, is the single greatest thing that was suggested as an approach for my therapy. Six months after completing my sessions I can confidently express that it revolutionized my life, how I can navigate relationships with others, and how I view myself when I look in the mirror. I would recommend EMDR to anyone who has an open mind and is looking to make big, positive changes in their lives."  -- age 28
    • "Its made ALL the difference!" -  age 53
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