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Our beloved Bailey passed away on December 29, 2013

She was an integral part of both the development and service delivery system at the Center. Her role set a precedent in the use therapy service animals in a private practice setting. Bailey's own personal experience of trauma and anxiety gave her the ability to sense these somatic symptoms in clients. Her presence released the hormone oxytocin that creates a soothing effect by shifting the client's central nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic, optimizing their healing experience.
Clients came to expect the calm reassurance and understanding that Bailey's presence added to their healing experience.   


~"I am very saddened to hear she is gone. I know she has helped me more than I ever thought and i'm truly blessed I got to have her as a part of my healing. She will forever be in my heart."
 "I am blessed that I was able to have met Bailey and she was able to help me!"

~ "I will be missing Bailey with you. I am thankful for her role in my life and healing. - She is an angel."

~ I am sorry to hear of her loss. I enjoyed her company."

~ "Bailey was such a good friend and loyal companion"

~ "It was incredible to see her help so many individuals, just by her presence. I will never forget her - her big loving heart and warm spirit. - Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bond with her."

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